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Rudhen Android Applications

Rudhen-Electronics has developed applications for the Android platform, covering a broad area from LifeStyle to Medical and Entertainment.

Stocks is an easy to use stock market application for the Android platform. The simplicity is mainly in the one-page performance screen. At a glance the value and efficiency of your current portfolio is shown. Typically something you want to check daily without too much hassle.
SleepTight is a simple app that brings down the volume settings of your phone during nighttime. If desired, alarm sound can still be given through.
JackInBox is the first speaking email client for the Android platform. In fact it is a background service that runs even when your phone is switched off - without draining your battery.
WordSnake is about placing words on the game board that start with the same letter as the previous word ended. By placing one word after the other, a snake of words arises. Network games can be played with other on-line opponents, but unlike other network games, WordSnake also has a Solo mode and Snake mode.
Sports Coach is a speaking coaching app that actively supports sporters during their workout. The app reports timing, speed, distance, supports interval training support and has an integrated music player. Sporters can log tracks for later viewing of track distance, time, speed graphics and map support.
WordShout is a remake of a well-known family game where the players need to answer a simple question with a word starting with .... The game has three levels (Junior, Family and Expert) and can be played in single-player mode or in multi-player mode with up to six players.
Cijfers is a remake of a well-known Dutch TV game 'cijfers en letters', but then only the number part. Cijfers is about solving an arithmetic sum by way of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of given numbers.
Damocles-ICE (EHBO) is a life-saving App for the Android platform to prepare and handle potential emergency situations. We all do something a little bit risky once in a while, such as a job on a high ladder, a hike in a remote area, or a nightly bike ride through a dark forest. Risky ventures usually go well but unfortunately sometimes not. In case of emergency, speed is of utmost importance, and Damocles-ICE helps precisely hereby to warn the emergency services as soon as possible.
iDIDi is basically a personal data gatherer ("I did !") into a database with a graphical statistics user-interface ("Did I ?"), for everyone from 8-80. Event entry is very intuitive and doable in less than a few seconds per entry. Statistical views are presented in a graphical manner (3D pie chart, bar graph).
LifeBook is the successor of iDIDi, a personal life-event diary into a database with a graphical statistics user-interface, for everyone from 8-80.
NumberPal is an easy-to-use number logger - in the broadest sense - for the Android platform. The big difference with a simple notepad application is the fact that we keep the history of the numbers so that the user can view and upload it to Excel. Ideal for keeping track of numbers like your weight or certain spendings.

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